Manuscript Services Offered 

There are several types of editing, and together, we'll find out which will benefit your manuscript. Prices may vary depending upon your needs. Consultations are free, and partial manuscripts and short stories are accepted. 


Sometimes called substantive or content editing, developmental editing is the first stage. It can take the author's initial concept and make recommendations about content, format, voice, character, and plot. With a complete draft, the editor may request to add material, remove text, reorganize parts of the manuscript, or make suggestions for pacing and plausibility. Your editor will be looking for plot holes, the proper order of scenes, flow, character interest, etc.


​Line Editing / Copy Editing

Line editing focuses on the sentence and paragraph level, polishing your words to read smoothly. It fixes redundancies, awkward passages, weak transitions, and wordiness. Copy editing corrects errors of punctuation, spelling, grammar, word usage, jargon, style, and capitalization. Your editor will also make suggestions for sentence restructures and word choice. 



Proofreading is for the already polished work. In this type of editing, only minor errors are corrected, including typos, punctuation, missing words, verb tense, number use, spelling, and improper word breaks. 


First Chapter Review 

Some authors want more than a free editorial sample but aren't ready to commit to a full edit. If you aren't sure if your work will benefit from further editing, have a limited budget, or want feedback before writing more, a first chapter review may be the option for you. 



Other Services

Academic and Career Editing

Quick Brown Fox Editorial also works with student essays, papers, web content, resumes, and cover letters. Prices vary depending upon client needs, deadlines, and a student's budget.  Contact us at

Editing for Military Personnel

In gratitude for those transitioning from the Armed Services to the civilian workforce or an academic life, we offer our services for free. Contact us at

For any unlisted editorial services, see our FAQ